What We Do Best

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation

To ensure that our customers receive the greatest air conditioning system for their property, we conduct a seamless air conditioning installation process. Our air conditioning engineers will examine the situation on-site, offer a cost estimate, and then a specialist will carry out the installation.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance lowers the possibility of system failure, maintains pleasant air quality for workers, fulfils manufacturer warranties, and, most importantly, makes sure that the air conditioning equipment continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Our air conditioning engineers examine and identify defective equipment in the event of a malfunction. In order to facilitate speedy repairs, our air conditioning technicians also have replacement parts on hand. If any more new parts are needed, we will swiftly order them.

Why choose us?

The next time you search for a “local engineer near me” and choose Reworks, remember that a true, dependable local engineer will be available to assist. We are a proud regional employer, assisting our local residents and boroughs.

  • Emergency Availability – In order to minimize disruption to your everyday life, our emergency air conditioning engineers respond immediately to handle any repairs that arise in an emergency situation.

  • Estimates – Prior to doing any air conditioning services, we provide in-depth estimates that are valid for 7 days and include a breakdown of the cost and timeframe. 

  • Craftsmanship – We offer a 12-month craftsmanship guarantee on the majority of our air conditioning work for your piece of mind. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Material Guarantees – We will provide materials and parts with a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. This typically covers for the replacement or repair of defective items within a predetermined time frame, which is typically 12 months.