Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions – Reworks London Ltd. 

Status: 22nd of April 2023


  1. Our Terms and Conditions of Business apply to all services provided by Reworks London Ltd. Please read them carefully before using our services.

  2. Our pricing structure is based on jobs of a similar nature and takes into account administration, travelling, labour costs, and parts required for the job. We do not provide a breakdown of quotations as they are generated by our software. All materials are purchased on the company’s account, and we are unable to provide a receipt.

  3. If you are unsure about our quotation procedure, we recommend seeking alternative quotations to make an informed decision.

  4. If you request additional work once work has commenced, we may charge extra fees unless there are extenuating circumstances. We will not continue with additional work without your authorization.

  5. Our engineers will strive to be as careful and tidy as possible, but we may need to lift carpets or cut floorboards for access. We may also need to remove plaster or wall coverings. In some cases, you may need to arrange for a specialist to decorate or refit/make good for a better finish.

  6. If our engineers encounter evidence of misuse or attempted repairs by a third party, our quote will become void, and a new quote will be provided.

  7. We assume that the existing system is in satisfactory condition before installation work. We accept no responsibility for defects arising from any defects on the existing system during or after installation work by the company.

  8. We will provide an invoice upon completion of work detailing the work carried out as agreed. We do not provide separate reports. A fee of £180.00 VAT will apply for any additional administration.

  9. We are not responsible for scorch marks, stains, spillages or any event deemed unavoidable in the circumstances.

  10. We are required to share some key information with the manufacturer and relevant third parties when registering newly manufactured plumbing/heating products. This is necessary to fulfill guarantee obligations and notify the Gas Safe Register of an installation (if applicable). We will ask for your consent to share your contact details with the manufacturer, who will send you your Boiler Guarantee documentation, service reminders, relevant product information or recalls.


BETWEEN: Reworks London Ltd. (Company Reg. No.: 14493469) “The Company” & CUSTOMER NAME “The Customer”

By accepting the Terms and Conditions the Customer agrees to be bound by these. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.


  1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising under or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


  1. The Company will provide competent personnel to carry out the service.

  2. The Company will provide the service between 08:30 am and 5:30 pm on Monday to Friday, exclusive of statutory holidays, at the Company’s current standard rates.

  3. The Company will provide the service outside normal hours at the Company’s current overtime rates.

  4. The service will be provided as quickly as is reasonably possible, subject to the current workload, availability of personnel, weather and traffic conditions, transport and fuel availability, availability of parts, and other conditions beyond the Company’s direct control. The Company will not be liable for any delays caused by such conditions.


  1. The charge for the service will be based on either a time and materials basis calculated on the Company’s current rates and prices or a fixed price quotation.

  2. Labour charges will be calculated from the point of arrival at the customer’s premises to the point of finishing the work. Chargeable time will include time used collecting parts from suppliers, whether collected on the way to the customer’s premises or collected during the work.

  3. Labour charges will be quoted at the time of booking and subject to the complexity involved and nature of work incurred. Charges will be calculated on a half-hourly or hourly basis to the next hour, and one hour and five minutes will be charged at two hours.

  4. Parts and fittings stocked on the Company’s vehicles will be charged at the current selling list prices and will not be subject to any discount except by way of confirmed written agreement. Materials collected from merchants will be charged at cost price plus 100%.

  5. A fixed price quotation will be supplied in writing, taking into account the complexity of the works involved, subject to the nature of the job. On acceptance of the quotation, a contract will be prepared in writing for the customer to sign prior to commencement of works. The Company does not break down quotations into parts and labour, and the software generates a set price to carry out the works. Customers are advised to obtain at least two to three quotations to ensure satisfaction with the quote provided.

  6. Quotations are valid for seven days, after which the Company reserves the right to adjust the price.

  7. By confirming acceptance of the quotation, the customer accepts that cooling off period rights are exempt, and the deposit is non-refundable with admin fees or costs for any goods ordered at the customer’s liability.

  8. In the event of an error in the Company’s preparation for the proposal of works, the quoted price will be invalid, and the Company will prepare a new quote.

  9. Invoices are strictly net + VAT, and the quoted price will be adjusted to meet any price variations in labour or materials occurring after the date of quotation.

  10. Extra charges may be applicable if further work not detailed in this quotation is requested or required during the quoted work. If an additional quotation is provided and declined by the customer, the original quote remains chargeable, and safety measures may have to be taken leaving an appliance isolated. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the Company would not carry out such work without first discussing options with the customer/sending a further quotation.

  11. Quotations for water/gas/electric installations are based on the assumption that the existing plumbing/heating system, components, and pipework are fit for purpose and in satisfactory working order. The Company accepts no responsibility for defects arising from water tanks, pipes, electrics, etc., during or subsequent to installation work.

  12. The Company shall not charge for the usage of normal small trade tools, but charges will incur to the Customer through the hire of special tools and plant. The Company shall apply reasonable charges for the use of its own plant, special equipment, and specialist tools.

  13. All prices, rates or quotations given by the Company verbally or in writing are subject to value added tax at the prevailing rate. All parking costs will be charged at cost to the Customer.


  1. Upon booking, the Company requires the Customer’s billing address with relevant details. The Customer will be required to provide a valid debit/credit card and undergo a pre-authorization security check. All card details are removed from the software upon completion of work, but the Customer’s details are stored on file for business purposes.

  2. Once a quotation has been accepted by the Customer, no work shall be undertaken until the Customer (or the Customer’s authorized agent) agrees with the payment terms and signs the contract for works.

  3. All jobs where the Customer paying is not present at the property, the Company will aim to email the invoice within 28 days. The only report/receipt that can be provided is the invoice left on site/emailed.

  4. All deposits are non-refundable once the Company Acceptance Form has been signed.

  5. The Company reserves the right to require advance payments, stage payments, or deposits before or during the work, for whatever reasons.

  6. Payment is due on completion of the works.

  7. If, for whatever reason, the Customer is unable or unwilling to make payment on completion of the work, the Company shall be entitled to charge for additional time expended on the collection thereof.

  8. Any part of the invoice which remains unpaid shall carry interest at the rate of 4% over the base rate until payment in full is received by the Company. There will also be an administration charge of £100.00 per week until the date of payment. The Customer is liable for all costs that may be incurred by the Company in obtaining recovery of payment for the invoice in full. The Company also reserves the right to suspend all further work until such an invoice is cleared.

  9. After 30 days from the date of the invoice, if the Company has not secured payment of any debt owed to it, the Company shall be entitled to employ the services of solicitors and/or collection agencies and shall be entitled to charge and recover from the Customer all and every reasonable expense incurred in obtaining settlement of the debt.


  1. The Company will not provide or issue any guarantees, certificates, or other similar documents to the Customer for works unless payment has been made and received in full.


  1. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the property is safe and complies with all health and safety regulations, including but not limited to any hazards related to gas or electrical safety, when the company arrives and attends the property.

  2. The customer confirms that they are not aware of any presence of asbestos in the property, and do not suspect any asbestos to be present.

  3. The customer must ensure that the environment is safe for the company and its engineers at all times during the works.

  4. The company cannot be held responsible for the failure of any fire protection equipment in the event of a fire.

  5. The customer must obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and consents from the owner, landlord, agent, organization, or planning permission, if required, before any installation work is carried out by the company. The customer is responsible for obtaining any license, permit, or other authority necessary for the work to be executed. The company is not liable for any complaints arising from the failure of the customer to obtain these permissions.

  6. If it is necessary to proceed over property belonging to neighbors or third parties, the customer must obtain permission for the company to do so. The customer will indemnify the company in all aspects of any claim arising from neighboring or third-party properties due to the presence of the company or its engineers/representatives.

  7. Although engineers take utmost care and attention during the works, the nature of the work is often dirty, and spillages of water and marking may occur. The company shall not be responsible for any scorch marks, stains, spillages, or any other event causing damage which the company deems unavoidable in the circumstances at the time of the work.

  8. While the company will take every care during the work, it is not responsible for any damage to tiles, plasterwork, decoration, flooring, or any other structure unless specifically provided for in the quotation. The company cannot be held liable for damage caused by previous or future leaks, making access to allow works to be done, or installation of inspection hatches for future maintenance. If any damages occur, the customer may be required to seek a third-party tradesperson to make good and carry out any work that has not been quoted for, as the company is not skilled in these areas of work.

  9. It is the responsibility of the customer to protect all items of furniture, furnishing, fixtures, and fittings. The customer must prepare the work areas and walkways and fully protect or remove carpets, furniture, and valuables. If the work areas and walkways are not fully protected or removed, the customer must accept all risks of spillage, leaks, stains, dust, breakage, and damage.

  10. Engineers operate under their own Gas Safe Registration and are solely responsible for any gas-related work and subsequent liability.

  11. If requested specifically by the customer, the engineer shall remove furniture, carpeting, and valuables to the best of their ability, but shall not be responsible for any damage caused during such work, nor shall they be responsible for the reinstatement or the cost thereof.

  12. If requested specifically by the customer, the engineer shall move/dismantle/reassemble/re-fix/replace cupboards, units, floorboards, etc., to the best of their ability, but shall not be responsible for any damage caused during such work, nor shall they be responsible for the reinstatement or the cost thereof.

  13. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all equipment is secure. If any damages occur or materials go missing in the absence of the engineer, the customer will be liable for the costs, which will be added to the final invoice.

  14. By instructing the company to proceed with the agreed works, the customer warrants that they have obtained all necessary permissions as required by law. The customer will be liable to the company for all losses and damages, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, that the company suffers as a result of the customer’s failure or delay in fulfilling their obligations.


  1. If the engineer finds evidence of misuse, tampering, or attempted repairs by a third party during the visit, the original quotation will become null and void, and the customer may be charged a cancellation fee. A revised quotation will be provided.

  2. Due to the complexity of some parts or repairs, there is no guarantee that additional parts or repairs may not be necessary after the initial job is completed and tested. If further work is required, the company will provide an additional quotation.

  3. The customer assumes that all existing radiators, pipework, valves, electrics, controls, fittings, and services being retained, connected, or adapted during the works are fit for purpose, watertight (where appropriate), and in full working order, unless otherwise stated by the customer prior to commencement. All existing heating and plumbing fixtures being retained or connected to during the works are exempt from any warranties applicable to boilers. If any of the existing equipment are deemed not fit for purpose after the quoted works have been carried out, the company will provide a further quotation.

  4. Our engineers usually recommend the installation of a magnetic filtration unit and a System Powerflush as part of our standard installation work. Failure to include these items may cause the system water to become unclean, resulting in malfunctioning of the parts, which may invalidate the boiler warranty in the future. The company cannot be held liable if access is limited to install a magnetic filtration unit and the warranty becomes invalidated.

  5. Powerflush Advice. It is not possible to inspect a system internally before commencing work. Occasionally, we may find leaks or corrosion debris in the pipe work or radiators during the powerflushing process, which have not been treated with an effective corrosion inhibitor or have been neglected for an extended period of time. Some radiators may still not be fully effective after the powerflush, and radiators and/or pipework may still contain blockages. While we take measures to prevent leaks or damage during the powerflushing process, it is possible that some radiator valves may leak or snap when turned, especially if they have not been used for an extended period of time. The customer acknowledges that such issues may occur and agrees not to hold the company liable for any problems arising from the powerflushing process. The customer accepts that in some instances, additional costs may be incurred to re-carry out the powerflush, repair, or replace pipework, radiators, or valves that were not previously known to be faulty and therefore not included in any fixed price quote. In some instances, major costs may incur for new pipework.

  6. The company may take video or photographic evidence before or after carrying out works on the customer’s property or business. By agreeing to the works, the customer grants the company permission to take any necessary evidence.

  7. The company cannot guarantee to clear blockages occurring within frozen pipes and will not be liable for any fractures found in frozen pipes. The company also cannot guarantee any work in relation to blockages in waste and drainage systems.

  8. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that their gas installation complies with Gas Safe regulations and warning notices.

  9. The company guarantees all work carried out for 60 days from completion. During this period, the company will rectify free of charge any defect arising directly from faulty parts or workmanship.

  10. The company will only carry out work instructions from the customer on the basis of a 60-day warranty. The company will not undertake any work for any customer who holds the company responsible for defects or damages arising or notified after 60 days unless the customer has paid for an extended warranty agreement.

  11. If any work carried out by the company becomes defective or fails within the 60-day warranty period, the company will provide support service between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays, within 48 hours of notification. The company will not charge for labour to rectify the failure or defect or for replacing any faulty parts supplied by the company, provided that the failure or defect is directly or solely due to parts supplied by the company within the previous 60 days. However, the company will charge for labour and/or parts to rectify any failures or defects where, upon inspection, all parts supplied by the company within the previous 60 days are confirmed to be faultless and/or are being prevented from working satisfactorily due to other issues. The company will also charge for any new or extra work that is not a direct duplication of work already done and charged for within the previous 60 days or where the necessity to carry out that work previously was not apparent at the time of the work, neither carried out nor charged for, or where the customer has been previously advised that the situation may occur. Any support service outside of the above scope will be subject to additional charges.

  12. Parts supplied to the company by main suppliers and manufacturers and then sold to the customer by the company shall be subject to the manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty, if any. If any part is found to be defective, the company will exchange it item for item or refund its invoiced value. The company will not be responsible for any consequent labour costs, losses, or damages claimed or suffered by the customer, and no liability shall be accepted for any amount exceeding the invoice value of the part(s).

  13. The company provides a full 60-day parts and labour warranty, which exceeds any manufacturer’s guarantee. During the company’s warranty period of 60 days, the company will bear the labour costs and will additionally supply replacement parts free of charge for the duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee, if any. After 60 days, the company will charge its normal labour charge.

  14. All guarantees will be immediately invalidated if there is any evidence of misuse, tampering, attempted repair, or removal by any person or third party other than the company’s service staff or the company’s authorized agent(s). Parts will only be supplied on this basis.

  15. The company will not supply parts to any customer who proposes to hold the company responsible for any period, costs, expenses, or parts in excess of those covered.

  16. The company will carry out any work instructed by the customer within reason, unless it is clearly dangerous or hazardous. This includes work that is temporary, incomplete, or unlikely to last. However, the customer must irrevocably understand and agree that the company carries out such work only at their insistence, and that the company will not be held liable or responsible for any issues that arise as a result of the work.

  17. The company is willing to fit parts supplied by the customer, but we will not provide any guarantees, even if we were involved in the original diagnosis. The company will not be held accountable if the parts supplied by the customer do not resolve the issue and will be exempt from the company’s normal warranty period.

  18. Parts and rubbish will be removed from the customer’s premises free of charge upon completion of the work, unless they are bulky or heavy and likely to incur disposal costs, in which case the customer will be informed of any extra cost. Unless a warranty claim is involved or the parts need to be returned to the main supplier/manufacturer on an exchange basis, the customer may retain the parts. If the customer wishes to retain the parts, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are retained. Once the parts have been removed from the customer’s premises, disposal is likely to be immediate, and the company will be unable to recover them.


  1. While genuine complaints may occur from time to time, the majority of potential complaints are found on actual investigation to have nothing to do with the work originally carried out. The company’s aim is to provide guidelines to assist in maintaining a friendly personalized relationship with their customers.

  2. Please note that the engineers are Tradesmen who carry out works with the utmost care and as quickly and professionally as possible. However, a certain amount of preliminary work may have to be done, and a certain amount of seemingly wasteful work may have to be done to allow works to be completed in a timely manner.

  3. When faced with a decision whether to proceed with an expensive replacement or a relatively cheap but unguaranteed repair due to the nature of the fault, please carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision. Seek additional advice at all times.

  4. After the work has been completed, the engineer will require the customer to check the work to ensure satisfaction. It is essential that the customer confirms the quality of work before signing the company invoice.

  5. If the customer is certain that the work is faulty as a result of the engineer’s work, they should telephone the company during working hours and state the invoice number, the invoice date, and the reason for their complaint. The company takes all complaints seriously. If more time is needed to investigate, the company will keep the customer updated.


  1. Quotations provided by us are valid for seven days from the date they are given. We reserve the right to vary or withdraw any quotation at any time before it is accepted by you.

  2. We shall not be held liable for any delay in performing our obligations if the delay is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control. In such cases, we shall be entitled to reasonable time extensions.

  3. We reserve the right to take photographs or videos before and after the works have been carried out for training and quality purposes.

  4. Although every care will be taken by us when carrying out works, we accept no responsibility for any damage to tiles, plasterwork, decoration, flooring, drain coverings, frames, or any other parts of your property, unless specifically provided for in the quotation. We also accept no responsibility for any damage caused by previous or future leaks (we can only quote for what was visually deemed leaking on the original visit), creating access for works, or when removing existing sanitary ware.

  5. If any damages are caused, you may be required to engage a third-party tradesman to carry out any works that we have not quoted for, as we are not skilled tradesmen in these areas of work.

  6. We will make every effort to complete the work and provide the goods and materials for the quoted amount. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may incur additional costs above the quoted amount. In such an event, we will inform you and explain the reasons for the additional costs, and ask you to accept an amended quote to cover the additional works.

  7. By agreeing to the associated works, you confirm that there are no underlying issues with the plumbing and drainage system, and that all products already installed are fit for purpose and watertight where appropriate. If there are any issues after the above works have been carried out, we will provide a further quotation, and you agree not to hold us liable.

  8. Where the works being carried out relate to a reported pressure issue, we cannot offer any guarantee that the above work will rectify the problem, as there may be further unforeseen issues. Investigation will be charged at the company’s hourly rate.

  9. Where tiling is included in our works, newly grouted tiles will produce a fine film of dust for a few days and may need wiping with a damp cloth, but will soon disappear. We kindly ask that you empty the bathroom and cupboards of your towels, toiletries and belongings to prevent them from being exposed to dust.

  10. We reserve the right to halt works and provide an additional quotation if during refurbishment work it is found that the foundations are not fit for purpose. We cannot be held liable for any structural movement that occurs after works have been completed which results in causing defects in our work.

  11. Where the works being carried out relate to repairing a leak, we cannot offer any guarantees on the existing pipework and assume that there is only one leak present. If a further leak was to occur later, we cannot be liable and all further calls are chargeable.

  12. In instances where we have provided a quotation relating to tracing and repairing hidden leaks, the quotation is based on an estimate. Depending on how successful the source of the leak finding(s) is, an additional quotation may be required, as we are unable to provide a timescale or assess the works involved prior to works.

  13. The customer acknowledges that they have not relied upon any warranty, representation, statement, or understanding made or given by or on behalf of us which is not set out in this contract and agrees that they shall have no claim in respect of the same.

  14. Each party acknowledges that they shall not claim for innocent or negligent misrepresentation or misstatement based on any statement in this contract.